Various Android Cashier Applications with the Best Features

As technology develops, it is certainly easier for someone. Therefore, it is very important for you to take advantage of the Android cashier application to manage the latest technology-based store. The application can be obtained either free or paid.

12 Recommended Android Cashier Application

Did you know that now there is an application for the cashier. With this one application, you no longer need to bother doing calculations. Therefore, make sure to first listen to some of the recommendations below:

  1. Smart Cashier

Is a cashier application that you can use with the free or paid version. If you choose the free or no-cost version, then the features themselves are quite complete. That way, you don’t have to worry if you don’t want to spend money.

You can get features ranging from item prices, product barcode scanning, stock recording, to automatic backups so as to avoid the risk of data loss. Users will also get other features such as remaining stock, cash flow, daily and monthly reports.

  1. Touch Journal

Another cashier app that you can use is Journal Touch. This Android application itself is very suitable to be an option because there are many advantages. Users will get a lot of convenience, especially in controlling their business so that they get a lot of benefits.

Its features are also very complete. Starting from offline transactions, transactions in multi-stores, automatic data synchronization, receipt customization, financial reports, cash reports, accounting, costs and budgets, products and inventory, invoices, taxation, and many others.

  1. Ireap Lite POS (Point of Sale) cashier

Including one of the Android-based applications that you can use for free. When you want to use it, make sure to download it first on the Google Playstore. This application itself provides many features that are suitable for cashier needs.

Starting from the sales feature, returning goods when a return occurs, category of goods, number of goods, recording of goods, incoming and outgoing stock management, stock audits, total profit, highest sales, sales reports, and many others.

  1. Cash register

As the name implies, you can manage the cashier section by using this one application. Moreover, the available features are also not much different from some of the previous applications. The application can even still function even if it doesn’t use the internet network.

Of course it will be very suitable for entrepreneurs whose location is minimal with an internet network. In addition, this application also provides a much simpler interface than others. You can enter transaction data, item data, and so on using this application.

  1. Moka POS

You are certainly familiar with this Android application for cashiers. There are many complete features that users can take advantage of. Moreover, Moka POS has also utilized a cloud-based system. That way, it’s very easy to control it anytime and anywhere.

This application itself is very suitable for various business fields. Be it retail, restaurants, spas, beauty salons, barbershops, clothing stores, and many more. When using it, users can find out all sales transactions at the cashiers of store branches.

  1. Olsera POS

This application offers various recording transaction needs for its users. This is none other than because the features are very complete for Android users. The application even has a cloud-based system. Of course, you can do the control and access process anywhere and anytime.

Not only that, every user can still use it even if they are offline or not connected to the internet. Moreover, the application can also update data automatically when it is connected to the internet. Therefore, there is no need to hesitate to use it.

  1. Pawoon

Including one very simple cashier application. However, it looks quite modern than others. Moreover, the interface part is also very simple. No wonder it is quite easy to use, even for beginners.

This application also has many advantages. Users will be able to see all transactions in each branch of the store in real-time. Not only that, there is also a Cloud-based system so you can use it both online and offline according to your needs.

  1. Cash POS

Another application that is suitable for you to use at the cashier is Cazh POS. This application belongs to the CAZH developer with a fairly simple and attractive appearance. Of course it can make it easier for every user in carrying out their every business.

Cazh POS itself comes in a free or pro version. Of course it is very suitable for you to use in various types of MSME businesses. Starting from cafes, restaurants, car washes, franchises, clothing stores, street vendors, barbershops, salons, beauty clinics, laundry, grocery stores, and many more.

  1. Super Easy Cashier Program

Including one of the Android applications that come with very easy to use. Whether it’s for managing goods or various types of transactions. In this application, users can change the identity of their store, add categories of goods, customer names, to the name of the goods.

This app also provides important features. You can make various types of sales transactions when there are product buyers. There is nothing wrong with managing finances if there are customers who are in debt. Then you can also arrange for the return of goods.

  1. Smartlink

Smartlink is an application that is suitable for laundry businesses. The reason is, there are many complete features for users. Starting from laundry courier management, work process management, and much more. Later you can manage all business activities using only one application.

There are several options that you can use for transaction purposes using this application. Starting from purchasing e-money, regular, deposit transactions, purchasing deposits, printing transaction notes, managing customers, managing couriers, to transfer requests or deposit funds.

  1. Portable Store Cashier

Is a cashier application that is suitable for you to use on Android devices. How come? This application is very easy to use. Its features are also fairly complete. Of course its presence can make it easier for users when they want to manage their new business.

There are mainstay features that you can use, one of which is stock management. Not only that, users can use it for free. There is nothing wrong with using this application to manage business transaction activities easily and practically.

  1. Laundry Cashier Application

Do you have a laundry business? If so, then it will feel less if you have not used this one cashier manager application. Its use can make it easier for users to manage business via cellphones without the hassle of using a laptop or PC.

The application has the name Cleanlab POS. Of course users can do laundry management easily and quickly. Therefore, it is very suitable for laundry entrepreneurs. So that their business is more well recorded in every transaction.

Those were some Android cashier applications that you can make choices. Of course it will be easier to manage the cashier section of the store. Especially in calculating total sales. Therefore, make sure to download it immediately and use it as needed.

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