How to make a QR code and the benefits of using it on a cellphone

When you have an online store, it never hurts to use a QR Code. If you still don’t know it, then understand first how to make a QR code. Because, there will be many benefits when using it on a cellphone. The process of making it is also quite easy even for beginners.

Know What is a QR Code

You need to understand that QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. Having the form of a collection of black and white pixel codes, the QR code will be printed in a small box to store various types of data according to the needs of its users.

Generally, you can easily find the QR Code in product promotion flyers, product packaging, and many others. Therefore, don’t miss to apply it to online store products.

The reason is, if the customer successfully scans the code, then they can gain access to the promo product page or other pages according to the purpose of the QR Code itself. To scan it, you can use the QR Code Scanner on your cellphone.

Multiple Types of QR Code

After knowing the meaning, now is the time for you to understand what types of QR codes are. The reason is, this code is divided into two types so that its functions are different from each other. In order not to be mistaken, it is better to understand the explanation below first:

  1. Dynamic QR Code

You can use this type of QR Coder to store data. However, each user can update and change it according to their needs. This type itself is very suitable for storing website page URL data.

However, there is nothing wrong if you want to use it to store social media URL data. When using this type of URL code, users only need to update their URL information. That way, you can change it yourself as you wish.

  1. Static QR Code

It is a type of QR Code that when it is finished, you can no longer change it. This code itself generally aims to display product catalog images from the latest online stores. It can also be useful for accepting payments via bank accounts.

When using a static QR Code application, when you want to make changes you need to create the latest QR Code. Therefore, make sure to make it according to your needs because you cannot change the code again like a dynamic QR Code.

How to Make a QR Code Easily

It is very important for you to know how to create a QR Code. Moreover, the process of making it is quite easy even for beginners though. Therefore, just listen to the full explanation in the following review:

  1. Choose QR Code Generator

You need to understand, that there are many QR Code Generator options. Some are free some are paid. Of course they all have their advantages. Be it in terms of appearance or features. Below are some options for the QR Code Generator:

  • Visualead
  • QR Stuff
  • QR Code Monkey
  • And many others
  1. Choose Promotional Content

From the several QR options above, make sure to choose one of them. For example, using You can already start implementing the code generation steps. To be more clear, see the full review below:

  • Select the type of content you want to include in the QR Code
  • Users can select 1-10 content types
  • Click the URL content type in the top left corner
  • Then enter the URL of the page
  1. Entering Data

If you have successfully chosen the type of content, try to include information about the content itself. You can do this process on the form that is already available. Then, consider some of the steps below:

  • Enter content information on the form
  • If you want to display the e-mail address, select the e-mail content type
  • Make sure to fill in the form correctly
  • On the right side of the form there is a section to set the QR Code
  • Press the Frame menu
  • Set the QR Code frame display
  • Also set the color of the code shape
  • How to press the Shape & Color menu
  • If you want to display the brand logo, press Logo
  • Upload your business logo
  1. Download QR Code

If you are satisfied with the appearance of the QR Code, then don’t miss to download it first. The download process itself can be in the form of a vector or JPG version as desired. Below is the explanation:

  • Download the QR code
  • Select the image version
  • Add title
  • Wait until the download is complete
  • QR Code you can use
  1. Make It Dynamic

Actually, by applying some of the steps above you can already create a QR code. However, this is only for static code types. So, how do you make it dynamic? Below is the full way:

  • Make sure to register first on
  • Create a QR Code according to the previous steps
  • Change the content by pressing the pencil icon
  • Fill in the latest information as needed
  • If you have, download the QR Code again
  • Use as needed
  • Done

Your Advantages Using QR Code

If you already understand how to make a QR Code like the one above, then you may still be wondering what the real benefits of using the code are. Moreover, for those who are new to it, of course they still don’t understand about this. Below are the full advantages:

  1. Can Increase Sales Transactions

When using a QR code, of course the scan process will be faster because it only takes a short time. A customer will be able to find various interesting product promos through the scan process. No wonder the buying process is also quite effective.

If more customers use this QR code, then of course the more business owners will get transactions. Of course, it will also be easier for them to increase sales than before who did not use the code.

  1. Save Promotion Cost

Another advantage when using this QR code is that it saves more on promotional costs. It’s different when you use other tools to do promotions. For example, using pamphlets requires more costs and the production process takes quite a long time.

Therefore, make sure to use QR codes as the right solution to promote your store. Of course the promotion process can run more cost-effectively but effectively. Users no longer need to pay for printing even hundreds of pamphlets.

  1. Attracts Many Visitors

You only need to do one scan when you want to use it. That way, visitors also don’t have to bother if they want to get access to an online store. Of course there will be many people interested in using the code because it is very practical.

Not only that, the article is that you can share QR Codes via social media more widely. Of course it will be very effective to increase the shop’s visitors. Automatically sales will also increase along with the number of visitors.

That was an explanation of how to make a QR code and the various advantages when using it on a cellphone. Therefore, try not to delay using the code any longer. Because, there will be many advantages that you can get easily.

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