Recommended Best Word Processing Applications for Cellphones and PCs

Nowadays, of course, there are many people who need a word processing application. The goal is to support work or study. Moreover, now there are many alternative applications that you can choose and use for free as needed, be it on a PC or cellphone.

Understanding Applications for Word Processing?

That is an application that helps the preparation and editing of documents. You can use this application on your cellphone or PC as needed. That way, the typing process can occur in a short time, neatly, and clearly.

This application itself will provide many facilities to its users. Starting from the format, edit, input, or output the script. It is not surprising that until now there are many people using it, from students, students, teachers, lecturers, to workers.

Some apps are even available for free. That way, you only need to download the device before using it. The existence of this application will certainly make it easier to work on documents without having to worry about errors because they can be edited again.

Various Application Functions for Word Processing

As the name implies, you can use this application to process words. No wonder there are many functions of the application. Starting from editing, producing documents, archiving, changing file formats, to layout design.

Of course there are many other functions that you can get from the application. If you want to use it, then make sure to find out first the best application recommendations so you can use it according to their respective needs.

10 Recommended Word Processing Apps

There are many applications that you can use to process words. Most applications can work for free so of course anyone can access them easily and effectively. To be clear, here are some recommendations:

  1. Microsoft Word

Who is not familiar with this one application? You can use Microsoft Word to process words as needed. Included as Microsoft software, everyone can use it for personal or professional needs.

This application is considered the most popular in the world and even has many users in various countries. This is none other than because of the many features that are easy to use. Later, everyone can write and edit various documents quickly and easily.

  1. Pages

Includes a professional application for word processing suitable for users of Apple products or Mac OS. This software is also very convenient for drafting articles, proposals, or daily reports for various needs.

This application also allows users to accommodate collaboration with teams. There are also various file types compatible with Pages. Starting from Docx, Doc, TXT, PDF, and many others. With free use, there is no need to pay a license fee in advance.

  1. Notepad

You are certainly familiar with this one application. Users can use it to process documents or simple text so that it does not require additional attributes. Until now, Notepad itself has many users to process data.

The bloggers themselves can use Notepad to help edit XML files as well as neutralize the document format that they want to copy from other files. It is also free to use, so there is no need to hesitate if you want to use it.

  1. Docs To Go

Until now there are still many people using the Docs To Go application which can be useful for processing simple words. Especially if you have high mobility. This application is also suitable for students, office workers, employees, and students to edit documents.

There are also many feature options that you can take advantage of. Of course, there is no need to doubt the reliability of the application. Therefore, it never hurts to try using this application to process data.

  1. Google Docs

Including one application that offers an interface similar to Microsoft Word. This application itself is already very popular among professionals. Not only that, you can also use the service for free.

No wonder if its popularity is increasing in various circles. What’s more, you can work on text documents and can share them directly without the need to re-upload. Because the way it works is fully integrated.

  1. Apache OpenOffice Writer

This application comes with a GPL license or General Public License. You can use it for free so you don’t have to pay subscription fees anymore. If you look at the features, there will be a lot of text formatting capabilities.

Not only that, there is also an AutoCorrect feature that can correct writing directly. This application itself already supports the OpenDocument format. That is a new international standard that is very useful for office documents.

  1. Polaris Office

Polaris Office applications are made by Infraware Inc. No need to hesitate if you want to use it because the size is not too big. Of course, you don’t have to worry anymore because it won’t make your phone’s internet memory full when you download it.

By using this application, any user can edit work easily and quickly. This application is also very suitable for typing, especially for those who are new to computers. It can also be used for free either on a cellphone or a Windows-based PC.

  1. WPS Office

WPS Office is an application that offers a user interface very similar to Microsoft Office. However, many people say that its use is much lighter so it doesn’t hurt to choose it. So, what is the use of this application?

You can use it to edit PDF directly. This is of course very important if you want to create and edit ebooks practically and easily. WPS itself can operate on various types of devices. Starting from a PC, laptop, Android or iOS.

  1. Ez Word

Ez Word can also be the right choice if you want to process documents or words as needed. This application itself is made by Andrew User Interface System. Its presence comes from a collaborative project between IBM and Carnegie Mellon University.

You can use it for Linux operating system. Of course it is very suitable if you want to use it on devices such as PCs or laptops. This application itself can also be useful for processing word graphics. If you are curious, then there is no harm in trying it.

  1. Microsoft 365

In addition to Microsoft Word, there is also another application for word processing, namely Microsoft 365. Previously, the application had the name Office 365. Namely as one part of Microsoft Word innovation with productivity services that are no less reliable.

You can use it by gaining access to Power Point, Excel, to Word. There is also a cloud-based storage facility on OneDrive. This application has been widely used by professionals because it is integrated with the internet.

Those were some of the recommended word processing applications that you can make your choice. Each user also no longer needs to pay to use it. The reason, the majority of these applications can be used for free as needed.

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