List of Digital Report Applications with Various Benefits

As technology develops in the country, it turns out that there are many applications for digital report cards. Of course this application is very helpful for teachers. The reason is, it can facilitate the process of inputting each student’s grades in an easy, practical, and certainly faster way.

What is a Report Application?

Is one of the digital products that can be useful for recording the value of students within a certain period of time. This product itself began to be socialized by the government in recent years. Of course the goal is to support the progress of digitizing schools.

Moreover, the existence of online report cards is not only applied to all schools. Be it a public or private based school. In addition, this application also has many. It is certainly one of the best innovations in the field of education.

Not only that, the existence of online report cards can also be a tool to support the smooth running of the 2013 Curriculum at all levels of education. Generally, these innovations will present assessments to students in an authentic form and map out all problems in the field.

Benefits of Using the Report Application

This one digital application can certainly be the right choice for teachers. Because, there will be many benefits that can be obtained when using it. Therefore, make sure to take advantage of technological developments in the world of education. Below are some of the full benefits:

  1. Provide Detailed Information

When using online-based report cards, it will be useful for parents. This is because they can know information about academic and non-academic developments in detail and clearly. That way, every parent can access their child’s learning outcomes as a whole.

Then, these results can be a reference for every parent to apply certain guidance at home later. This digital-based report card application itself will create a transparency system for all parties. Because it has received a lot of scrutiny.

  1. Facilitate the Report Generation Process

When entering the end of the semester, teachers usually need to work on the assignment of processing grades for each student. If you take advantage of this one application, then of course there is no need to dwell any longer with these tasks.

The existence of online report cards will certainly make it easier for teachers to report on their students’ learning outcomes. This application also provides a time limit feature for inputting values. That way, you don’t have to worry about engineering in giving the assessment.

  1. Avoiding Data Forgery

Another benefit of using this application is that it prevents data falsification. That way, there is no need to wonder whether the online report card is prone to manipulation. You don’t have to worry about this either. Because, its use can prevent counterfeiting.

Later each teacher will need to input grades gradually over a certain period of time. This means, if in one semester it has been filled and locked, then you can only make an assessment in the next semester.

  1. Reduce Paper Usage

As you know, paper generally comes from wood so it is not environmentally friendly enough if you continue to use it. Therefore, it never hurts to start switching to digital online report cards by utilizing technological sophistication.

The existence of these online report cards can allow participants to access the report cards without the need to use paper again. That way, teachers only need to input the grades of each of their students into the application. Then, parents and students can check the score via cellphone or computer.

Various Recommendations for Digital Report Applications

The existence of a digitalization system in a school will certainly facilitate the teaching and learning process or receive grades. Therefore, make sure you take advantage of the presence of the application to create report cards digitally. What are these applications? Check out the recommendations in the reviews below:

  1. Online Report Card

It is an application that can be used to create online report cards. This application itself is the output of the Surabaya City Education Office. Precisely in 2014. The aim is none other than to support the smooth running of the 2013 Curriculum.

The use of this application is quite good. Moreover, all public schools in Surabaya have also tried to implement it. Later, the application can be accessed by both parents, teachers, and school principals. The trick is to go to the site directly.

  1. ARD of the Ministry of Religion

Did you know that the Ministry of Religion or the Ministry of Religion in Indonesia has made the ARG application with the aim of advancing education in the country. This application can be accessed via a special website. Users can also download the application via the site.

Especially for those who do not have the means to enter online. Later, offline access will need to run on the server of each school server and then be connected to the Ministry of Religion. Schools that already have online access can go directly to the website.

  1. e-RAPORT

Including one application for making report cards from the Ministry of Education and Culture or the Ministry of Education and Culture. You can download the latest version. That way, it has accommodated the Free Learning Policy.

This application also provides convenience in assessment according to the 2013 Curriculum standards. Therefore, there is no need to worry when you want to use it. Of course it is very suitable to make it easier for teachers to input student grades quickly and easily.

  1. Nurhayati Mualif

It is an excel-based report card application that you can also use to create digital-based online report cards. The application was created and shared directly by Nurhayati Mualif on her personal blog. Of course there is no harm in trying to use it.

Moreover, this application also has several versions of improvements. The front view is also quite interesting. There is an excellent feature of the application, namely a certificate of appreciation for students when they achieve class rankings.

  1. Kang Martho

Including one of the report cards application that you use. This application comes from a teacher from Lumajang named Umar Tholib or more people call him by the name Kang Martho. Of course some people are already familiar with the use of these applications.

This is none other than because there are already many teachers in the country using it. Therefore, it never hurts to give it a try. You can directly download and use this application through the blog, so it is very helpful to input student grades.

  1. Hasbullah Jaini

This is an application from a class teacher at SDN 1 Sidorejo. Precisely in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan. Of course, there is no need to hesitate to use it because it supports the 2013 Curriculum assessment so that you can immediately use it.

You can use the application for free without having to pay a fee. There is also a username and password to enter the application. This application itself has been improved several times to suit the assessment needs of teachers.

That was an explanation of some digital report cards applications. If you want to use it, then just download the application. Moreover, the existence of this digital report card can be accessed even in one network. Therefore, do not hesitate to use it as needed.

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