How to Overcome Hp Exposed to Water that You Must Know

When using a cellphone, sometimes someone has problems. One of the most common is falling into the water. This will cause a person to panic. If you find this, then try to immediately apply some ways to overcome the cellphone exposed to water.

Some Ways to Overcome Hp Exposed to Water

There are many ways you can do if you want to overcome the cellphone into the water. That way, there is no need to panic first. Try to focus more on how to solve it so that the device does not experience problems. To be clear, here are some more complete ways:

  1. Immediately take the cellphone from the water

If your cellphone is exposed to water, then make sure to take it immediately first. The reason is, the water can enter the device components through narrow gaps. For example, the charger or earphone hole. No wonder it is necessary to avoid this. Below is the full way:

  • Immediately lift the cellphone from the water as quickly as possible
  • Avoid a lot of water entering and seeping into the cellphone
  • Immediately move away from water sources
  • If it is charging, remove it first then take the phone
  • Immediately take the next step
  1. Dry your cellphone

The next step you need to do is to dry the cellphone. Both the inside and the outside. The most important part in drying this phone is the LCD or screen. The reason is quite a range of damage when exposed to water. Below is a full explanation:

  • Immediately dry your phone
  • Take advantage of a dry cloth that easily absorbs water
  • You can also use an air suction for example a vacuum cleaner
  • Avoid aiming the suction mouth too close
  • Try to dry the cellphone in a dry place without direct sunlight
  1. Remove the HP Components

In addition to several methods as described above, you also need to remove various components installed on the cellphone. The reason is, if it is not released immediately, water can seep and damage these components. Of course this will cause a lot of problems. Below is the explanation:

  • Immediately remove the phone battery
  • Also remove the memory card and SIM card
  • Also make sure to remove the case/cover and casing to make it easier for water to come out
  • Dry again using a cloth if the components are still wet
  1. Use Silica Gel

You can also use silica gel in order to make it easier to absorb moisture. Moreover, in electronic devices its presence is believed to prevent condensation or condensation. Therefore, see the full method below:

  • Prepare silica gel
  • Instead, you can also use rice
  • Bury the loose parts of the phone inside
  • Leave it for a few days first
  • Make sure all the water is well absorbed
  • You can take the cellphone back
  1. Shake HP

If you have managed to remove all the components of the cellphone, then try to shake or shake the body of the cellphone. So that later can remove the water in it. Below are some of the full explanations:

  • Shake or shake the phone in one direction only
  • Do it carefully
  • Don’t let the water spread to other parts
  • Hold tightly to prevent the phone from being thrown
  1. Dry with a rag

It is also very important for you to immediately dry your cellphone with a cloth that easily absorbs water. This method can be an option if you are afraid to shake your phone. Then make sure to also pay attention to some of the details in the explanation below:

  • Dry the phone using a cloth
  • Make sure the cloth can absorb water well
  • Also make sure the cloth is dry
  • Just stick the cloth to the wet part
  • No need to rub it
  • Dry the outside first
  • Starting from the LCD/Screen
  • After that dry the other parts
  • Like charger and earphone holes
  1. Do Back Up

If the cellphone has started to dry, then you can take the next step. Namely by doing the backup process. That way, important data will be stored properly. Below are some more steps:

  • Back up your phone
  • Move important data
  • Starting from photos, contacts, documents, videos and more
  • Try to do activities on the phone
  • Like listening to music, browsing, and more
  • If there is damage, take it to the service center

Avoid These Things When Your Phone Is Exposed to Water

When implementing some of the methods above, it is also very important for you to avoid some things. That way, the process of overcoming the cellphone exposed to water above does not cause other problems. Below are some of the things you need to avoid in more detail:

  1. Directly Turn on the Hp

When someone panics too much, they can press various buttons so that the cellphone turns on immediately. In fact, the device has just been exposed to water and should avoid it first until it is completely dry.

Generally, you do this to ensure whether the phone is still in good condition or not. Unfortunately, things like this can add to the damage to the cellphone to be even worse. The reason is, it could be that the water inside is getting deeper because the button is pressed.

  1. Blowing Hp

Furthermore, it is also very important to avoid blowing the cellphone so that water does not get inside the cellphone. Especially if you still haven’t found the tools to dry the device. The reason is, you don’t need to do this method at all.

This is none other than because it can cause fatal damage. Therefore, try to dry the cellphone well first. Not only that, make sure to also place this cellphone in warm air so that it dries faster and avoid blowing it.

  1. Connecting to Charger

Also, try not to directly connect the cellphone to the charger when it is wet. This is because an electric current can occur so that it can electrocute or even cause a short circuit. So, what is the best way to deal with it when the cellphone is in a state of charge?

You need to disconnect the connector from the charger immediately. The reason is, if a short circuit occurs, it can cause various damage to several components. Starting from capacitors, resistors, microchips, batteries and others. Especially if the cellphone has a built-in battery type.

  1. Often Move the Hp

When you want to flick or move the cellphone with the aim of removing water from the device, then try to do it in the same direction and be careful. In addition, make sure to also do it for a while and avoid moving the phone too often.

The reason is, if you move your cellphone too much, you can risk causing water to spread to the components of the cellphone. It can also cause water to get into the hardware. Therefore, try to immediately dry it using a cloth so that water does not spread to important parts.

That was an explanation of some ways to deal with cellphones exposed to water and some things you need to avoid. Hp exposed to water itself can damage the components in it. Don’t be surprised if you need several ways to deal with it exactly as above.

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