12 List of PC War Games You Must Play

Until now, PC war games are growing from time to time. No wonder there are so many fans of the game. The storyline of the game is also getting more interesting and varied. You can play games with quality and comfortable graphics.

12 Recommended PC War Games

There are many recommended games with war themes that you can play on PC. Some games have also been played by gamers lovers. Of course you need to prepare a strategy when you want to play it. To be clear, below is a list of the games:

  1. PUBG

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular war games among young people. No wonder there are already many people playing it. Most gamers around the world are even familiar with this one game.

PUBG itself is one of the best games with many fans. The increasing popularity of the game has led to many matches in e-sports championships around the world. This game can be played in multiplayer for as many as 99 players so you must try it.

  1. Battlefield 1

Is a war game with six storylines. This game takes the background of the first world war released by EA DICE. Later the players will feel the terror of the Nazi troops. With multiplayer mode, of course it will be very exciting when playing it.

Each player can even experience playing in multiplayer mode for as many as 64 people simultaneously. That way, anyone can choose and feel as a different army. This game offers good graphic quality so it is comfortable to play.

  1. Battlefield V

Including one of the best war-themed games for PC. The setting of the game is during the second world war. Later each player will feel a quite tense sensation because they need to be in direct contact with the Nazi troops.

This game is indeed better than Battlefield 1. The reason is that there are location settings that are much more lively. There are also rubble ruins ready to rain down on the players. No wonder they will feel tension when playing this war game.

  1. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

This war-themed game can be the right choice if you want to play it. Moreover, Metal Gear Solid V will display decent graphics quality. Each player even has the opportunity to explore each mission as they wish.

Not only that, this game also takes place in 1984. To be precise, there was a cold war between Afghanistan and the Soviet Union. You will plunge into the civil war of the two countries and then need to fight a deadly epidemic created by the enemy.

  1. Company of Heroes

Another game that you can choose is Company of Heroes. This war game has even been released since 2006. The interesting thing about the game is that many of the storylines come from true stories during the second world war.

The players themselves need to focus more on their armory. Not only that, they also need to pay attention to fuel as well as human resources when fighting in order to get victory. One strategy to play it is to surround the enemy.

  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Including one of the new games because it was just released at the end of 2018. Even so, this war game has many fans around the world. The game itself is quite interesting because each player can choose many unique location settings.

Starting from Alcatraz Prison, Ancient Rome, and many others. You can also play the game in multiplayer so it’s very exciting because you can play it with friends. There are also many modes to choose from and play online.

  1. This War of Mine

It is a war game that has been released since 2014. This game comes from Bit Studio with a very unique and interesting theme. The reason is, it is quite different from some of the games above. The reason is, players will not be directly involved in a war situation.

However, they need to set a war strategy so that later the characters can survive. Moreover, each of these characters does not actually have a military background. The players also need to take the most appropriate action in order to win the game.

  1. Far Cry 3

It is a war game that was released in 2012. You will get a story and a villain with a very interesting game theme. No wonder there are still many people playing it today. Of course there’s no harm in trying it.

Far Cry 3 itself takes a location in a tropical island. Later, you will play Jason Brody, the main character who wants to take a vacation. However, the vacation ended up getting lost to meet a pirate base with a leader named Vaas Montenegro.

  1. Far Cry 5

Unlike before, this war game is also still a player’s favorite since the beginning of 2018. The game comes from Ubisoft with very attractive graphics. No wonder it became the best-selling series. The game itself tells about government officials who want to catch Joseph Seed.

Later players will get the concept of an open world game. That way, they are free to explore various areas as they wish. Not only that, every user can also play it either in multiplayer or solo.

  1. Rome: Total War

Rome: Total War is a war game with an RTS or real-time strategy theme that was released in 2004. The game has received positive reviews. As the name implies, the setting of the game is in the past Roman Empire.

Later the players will move each of their troops massively towards the enemy. Until now there are many people still playing and interested in the war game. Therefore, do not miss making it a collection.

  1. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

You need to know, that Tom Clancy’s is a war game that is quite good for game lovers in various parts of the world. How come? This game offers many series and its graphic design also really amazes the players.

No wonder the game released by Ubisoft is quite mandatory for you to play. Namely a continuation of the first series in Washington DC. Players will need to keep the survivors of the civil war safe from evil robbers.

  1. World of Tanks Blitz

You can play this game on a PC with the concept of online tank warfare. Players can play it with 7 vs 7 multiplayer. There are 26 arenas as well as 300 vehicles to choose from to win the match against the enemy.

In addition, players can also play this one game to their heart’s content because it’s free. Moreover, this game is quite friendly for the various types of PCs you have. The reason is, it can be played only with 2 GHz processor specifications, 256 MB VRAM, 2GB RAM, and 3 GB storage.

That was a complete explanation of the recommendations for PC war games. After knowing it, it will be easier for you to choose one of these games as you wish. Moreover, for true gamers of course already familiar with the game.

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