12 List of Good Guitar Stem Apps for Android Phones

Do you want to play a guitar musical instrument? If so, then it is very important to know the various applications of guitar stems. That way, of course, it will be easier to make sure the resulting tone becomes louder so that it is pleasant to hear.

Best Guitar Stem App Recommendations

There are many applications that can be useful for guitar stems. You can even download these various applications easily via Google Playstore on Android devices. Therefore, immediately find out the full recommendations in the explanation below:

  1. Guitar Tuna

Guitar Tuna is one of the best stem apps for guitar musical instruments. Its existence itself is quite popular, especially among guitar players. The application is the output of Yousician which provides various professional features.

Starting from a metronome, a collection of guitar chords, mini games, and many others. Therefore, it never hurts to try using this application. Moreover, users can use it for free. Just download it via Google Playstore.

  1. Ultimate Guitar Tuner

Another app that you can choose from is Ultimate Guitar Tuner. This application itself applies to acoustic guitars, electric guitars, or other stringed musical devices. Users can use it for free. The way it works itself is to analyze the signal through the microphone.

Ultimate Guitar Tuner itself provides precision services with a very fast process. Not only that, there are types of tunics you can try on the application. Starting from standard tuning, drop tuning, open tuning, and so on.

  1. Pro Guitar Tuner

The Pro Guitar Tuner application is perfect for those of you who have high flying hours in the field of stringed musical instruments. Moreover, there are already many features available in it. That way, you don’t have to worry about downloading third-party applications anymore.

Pro Guitar Tuner itself includes a color thinner app. There are many musical instruments support this application. Whether it’s stringed or without strings. There are also features in it for free. However, there are a few ads that can annoy you.

  1. Guitar Tuner Pro – MWM

MWM makes Guitar Tuner Pro application with very complete features. Every user can even use it for free. There are many of these features, of course, users don’t have to worry about bothering to download other applications just to stem musical instruments.

The reason is, this application supports various types of guitar to bass quite accurately. Users can also choose various modes such as automatic, manual, to library. If you are curious, then try to use it right away.

  1. Fender Guitar Tuner

Including one of the applications for guitar stems made by Fender. None other than one of the famous legendary guitar manufacturers of his time. This application offers a simple but elegant look. Each user can take advantage of various musical instruments.

Starting from the bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and there are also some tips on doing the guitar string. The app will also provide a wealth of information about guitar strings, guitar stems, key positions, amplifier basics, and much more.

  1. Tuner – gStrings

It is a stem application from cohortor.org for Android devices. Of course there are many interesting features you can use. No wonder it is very suitable for anyone, especially those who have a profession as a musician.

When using it, not only to do guitar stems. The reason is, there are many other uses you can do. One of them is for tuning several other types of musical instruments. Be it piano, bass, violin, wind instruments, and so on as needed.

  1. DaTuner

As the name implies, you can use this application from Prometheus Interactive LLC to do guitar stems. Its advantages are that it is versatile, responsive, and accurate. After downloading the application, each user can change the fundamental frequency to the nearest tone.

The application also allows players to tune in various types of musical instruments. Starting from guitar, bass, violin, ukulele, piano, cello, mandolin, saxophone, harp, harmonica, and many more. Its use is also very easy because it has a large font display.

  1. Chromatic Guitar Tuner

As a recommendation, this application is certainly worthy of your choice. The reason is, Chromatic Guitar Tuner provides a very simple interface and how to use it. No wonder it is very suitable for beginners though. The reason, understanding its use is very easy.

Not only that, the design is also quite unique and spoils every user. You can stem various types of musical instruments, not just guitars. But also violin, bass, banjo, to ukulele. Therefore, there is no need to hesitate if you want to use it

  1. PitchLab Guitar Tuner

That is a guitar tuner application that has quite interesting visuals. The reason is, users will have a choice of display modes so they can adjust them to their individual desires. There are also many features ranging from tuner stages, spectograms, chord matrices, and others.

The PitchLab Guitar Tuner application itself will also provide a fairly accurate guide to guitar settings. Of course it will help you a lot if you want to play guitar with a melodious voice. Therefore, just download the stem application on the device.

  1. Cleartune Chromatic Tuner

This application has a simple way of working. Of course it is very suitable if you are still a beginner in doing guitar stems. Not only that, each user can also do stems for various other stringed and stringed instruments.

Of course the existence of this application is very multifunctional. However, the application will work well specifically for smartphones that have screens of more than 4 inches. Therefore, before using this application, it is very important to determine the size of the phone first.

  1. Cifra Club Tuner

Another recommended application for doing stems is Cifra Club Tuner. The application can also be a guitar tuning with a very simple appearance. The size itself is quite light compared to others and is made by Studio Sol.

The specifications are also quite low so you can still use it even though the Android type is not the latest release. Not only that, this application also supports stemming various types of other musical instruments. Starting from bass, ukulele, to bonjo.

  1. Smart Chords and Tools

You can also use Smart Chords and Tools to adjust the stem and tuning of the guitar. Because, there will be many features for each user. There are at least 200 chords, 200 predefined tunings, and so on because they are made directly by experts.

When using this application, of course, it will make it easier for someone to become more reliable in playing the guitar. What’s more, a guitar chord guide is available so that users can use it smoothly. Also try to learn guitar chords to be more reliable in playing the instrument.

That was a complete explanation of various guitar stem applications. Now the stem process can not only be done manually. Take advantage of some of these applications that can be downloaded freely on the Google Playstore. Moreover, its use does not require additional costs.

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